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Control Systems
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Control Valves

Transmitters/Switches & Flow Primary Elements , Radioactive Level Measurement , Tank Gauging Systems

Sensing The Change

Piramoon Paradazesh received the honor to represent Pyropress UK a well-known manufacturer of the most reliable switches and transmitters of the world since 2020. Pyropress is the leading company to manufacture weatherproof, flameproof ( EExd ) or Intrinsically safe ( EE xi ) products for monitoring pressure , temperature , level and more. Piramoon Pardazesh has started localization of the switches and transmitter under UK factory license recently. Thanks for supports of the UK factory , Piramoon is now the only company in Iran to manufacture SIL2 switches and transmitters for all Oil&Gas industry. Pyropress is also registered in MOP approved AVL.

Also Piramoon Pardazesh would be capable to design and manufacture Tank Gauging systems and also Radioactive Level Instruments.

Flow Elements such as Pitot Tubes are the other range of Piramoon product basket which could be manufactured locally.

The major references of Piramoon Pardazesh is on different Petrochemical plants such as BIPC, STPC , Marun, NEMSOK, TPC , Ilam , Marjan , Jam and many other plants such as Esfahan refinery and Parsian Gas Refinery and also Qeshm Power plant. The Diverse range of customers could be submitted up on request.

Perseus stainless steel

Manufacturing and Services, Integration Services, Control System

Simplify Complex Operations

The Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm control system division, has been trying to complete the ongoing projects, from the start to finish with the resilience of his experienced, dedicated, and seasoned engineers.

With the cooperation of the accredited European integrators the Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm has delivered the projects with the full knowledge of industrial procedures, and without the needs of outsourcing. The projects would be accomplished at the least amount of time, high quality products, and least management costs for our valued customer.

Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm control system division services are as follows:


  • Control System design
  • Programming
  • Procurement
  • Panel’s integration
  • Support and parts supply
  • Training

The Piramoon Pardazesh has always tried to deliver its vast services on the basis of safety, quality, and efficiency.

With these unique services, our clients would achieve an outstanding result, continues relationship cooperation with the Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm.

Control System

Control System Design

Our control system team includes experienced engineers and technicians would choose the best technologies to offer solutions. They have expertise to configure and integrate control systems which ends with an outstanding result.


The experienced specialists of Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm, would program the following sectors:

  • Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Human machine interface (HMI)
  • PLC/ESD programming
  • Database programming

Panel integration

The Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm, with its active manufacturing site in the Qeshm Free Zone, is capable of manufacturing variety of PLC, DCS, ESD, HMI, and PCS panels according to the standards with its design expertise team.

Installation and Commissioning

The Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm division is proud to complete the project with precise scheduling, minimum cost, and without any additional side expenses.


Installation and commissioning tasks are as follow:

  • Signal loop Check
  • Control System power up
  • Function Check
  • Start Up sequence
  • Shutdown Sequence
  • Dry Run
  • Process Start UP


The Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm System Control division, support owns control system design, and has the advantage of support other’s control system design.

The training division has the following activities:

  • Our Company specialized workforces training
  • Customers specialized workforce training

The Piramoon Pardazesh Qeshm believes the progress and improvement of the company is by training of specialized workforce at the start of the project and training the customer’s specialized workforce to achieve an optimal result.

Control Valves

Control your process using highly reliable technology

Piramoon Perdazesh Qeshm Company has been active in the field of control valves , On-Off valves, self acting regulators , safety valves and HIPPS packages in Iran since 2014. Utilization and registration in all iranian approved vendor list especially in oil& gas and petrochemical industries as supplier and in Tavaniran system as manufacturer.started its domestic production activity in Qeshm workshop from 2021 by using the latest world technologies under the license of a global company.

Piramoon Pardazesh’s many years of experience, in various industries, makes us fully capable of recommending the proper valve type and trim for your process application. Our strength lies in our ability to solve problems through extensive product knowledge, application expertise, and trusted relationships with our customers and manufacturers. Sales engineers are available to provide on-site visits to evaluate your process equipment and suggest improvements.

The major references of Piramoon Pardazesh is TEHRAN REFINERY PROJECT, MARUN OLEFIN PELANT, TABRIZ PETROCHEMICAL, BOUALISINA PC, Gurreh- Jask Crude oil Pump Station project, PGSOC, SOUTH AZADEGAN OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT, SOUTH PARS GAS FIELD DEVELOPMENT PHASE 19, Sepehr-Jufair Field Development and Production Operations, Badr-e-shargh Methanol Plant, Arghavan Gostar Ilam, Esfahan Refinery …

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