Field of Activities

Control valve/On_Off valves/Self Acting Regulators

It is proud to offer engineering services, supply of variety of Control Valve, on – off valves, Self acting Regulators, safety valves and HIPPS packages. Piramoon Perdazesh Qeshm Company, by using the latest world technologies under the license of a global company started to  local manufacturing by fabrication of internal parts of the control valve (Trim part) such as Seat, Plug, Stem, Cage and… Also, Assembling of valve body, actuator, positioner, air filter regulator and related tubing have been done in Piramoon facility.

Control System

Control Systems

Our dedicated and experienced engineers, introduces the Designed Control systems including FGS, PLC, FCS, ESD, and DCS in the fields of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Steel, Mines, Factories, Environmental Protection, Concrete plants, water and sewage plants.  All offered services, begun with basic design, integration of the cabinets, and software developments and continued by commissioning and support.


Instrumentation (Transmitters and Switches)

We manufacture Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Level Transmitters/Switches & Flow Primary Elements (Pitot Tubes and Orifice plates and Venturi Tubes ) , to the diverse range of Oil&Gas customers and lots more. Thanks for the most advanced technology and design of the British manufacturer Pyropress Ltd Co, Transmitters and switches are manufactured under their license to ensure high level quality. Even Special SIL2 certified Transmitters and switches with highest reliability could be manufactured locally.

Tank Gauging

Tank Gauging Systems/Radioactive Level Transmitters

Piramoon Pardazesh would be capable to design and integrate Tank Gauging systems and also Radioactive Level Instruments. All engineering , panel integration and FAT/SAT will be done by Piramoon experienced team. The technical team could also manage installation supervision and site service activities for Tank Gauging system and also Radioactive type Level Transmitters.

Metering Systems/HIPPS

Custody Transfer Metering systems are the most reliable skids to measure the feed or products of the Oil&Gas and Petrochemical plants. Different measurement technologies are used for Gas or Liquid applications with diverse range of approvals to measure with the most high accuracy and repeatability. In Piramoon we do the Design and  manufacturing of the skids as well as configuration of flow computers and all after sales services. Please contact us for more details on each spec and design.

The Piramoon Pardezesh Qeshm, with its specialized technical team and with the cooperation of the European accredited techinicians, offers engineering services (integrations), supply and manufactures complete HIPPS systems.



Your operators and technicians have a direct impact on your systems. With Piramoon Pardazesh Training services, you can provide your staff with comprehensive skills to care for your systems and help maximize productivity. Our company can provide a tailored, flexible training program based on your production needs and an assessment of your employees’ existing skills. Also, we can support you in maintenance services. There are lots of references by Piramoon Pardazesh in most of Iranian Oil & gas plants.

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